REWINTO – a digital time capsule for your next adventure

Step by step


a new time capsule


Create digital time capsules for every occasion. Fill them with content like photos, videos, audio recordings, texts, and locations.


with your friends


Invite friends to participate and contribute to your time capsule. All input is saved and remains hidden within the capsule. You can lock access to the time capsule at your own discretion: determine a date and time when it should be released to you and your friends.


after a predefined time


Once released, all contents are displayed in the form of an individualized composition of your shared experiences.

REWINTO is a digital time capsule application, which allows you to create a time capsule for any occasion and with any theme in mind. The time capsule can then be filled with photos, videos, audio files, text and location information from within the app. You can invite friends to participate and add content as well. The capsule can be locked at your own discretion for a predefined period of time and remains hidden until it is opened for the first time.

Create new time capsule

Use REWINTO to create a new time capsule for any occasion, e.g. vacation, birthday party, dinner with friends and more!

Add content to time capsule

Fill your time capsule with contents: take pictures and videos, they will automatically be added to your time capsule.

Lock time capsule

You decide when and for how long your time capsule is locked. We make sure that your contents are safely stored away until future arrives.

Enjoy contents from all participants

Enjoy a display of all contents from your time capsule. Comment, share and relive your memories.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is REWINTO?
REWINTO is a digital time capsule app for your smartphone.
Alright, but what is a time capsule?
A time capsule is a place to store goods and information with the intend that it will be opened sometime in the future. You can think of it as a method of communication with future people or your future self.
Cool, tell me more!
You can use REWINTO to create and fill a time capsule with digital contents. Lock the capsule when you are done and define a date and time in the future when the time capsule should be released again.
Sounds great! How can I get REWINTO on my smartphone?
REWINTO is currently in a closed beta and not publicly available while we are working on a public version. However, please keep in mind that REWINTO is still a passion project and further development is time consuming.
Oh no! What now?
Please subscribe to our newsletter or join us on social media and we will make sure that we keep you in the loop about all current developments.